How much are we in control?

Many men believe that their fate is set firmly in their own hands. Others feel that they are simply pushed and pulled by the hands of fate and have no control over their own lives. Some take the position that the only object that is in the hands of a man is the end of his own mortality.


Our lives, fate and destinies are the product our thoughts and actions as well as the place we are placed in the world. Most assume that they had no choice wither to live or not. Although not many have pondered the question of whether we have chosen to live. Is life a choice that one could have taken over nonexistence? Though the answer to this question is not in the grasp of any man, we must entertain the possibility of the choice. No man can recollect this event transpiring, although most men cannot remember their own births. Not being able to remember an event is no indication that the event did not happen. If one is to chose whether to live or not then one must have had a form of existence before the existence of the physical body. Most would call this the soul. Some would call it consciousness. What ever this form of existence may be, thinkers and philosophers have tried to prove or disprove it for many an age. The answer to this question cannot be answered by any man and completely proved beyond reasonable doubt. This does not mean that one should not ponder over these questions, as it is our ability to think, question, ponder and meditate that sets man apart from animals.


While we do not know if we had made the choice to live or not to live, can we control exactly how we live? All beings are controlled by their form; a bird cannot comprehend Einstein’s theory of relativity no more than a man can flap his arms and fly. While man has invented ways of flying, it is precisely his inability to fly and his ability to comprehend complex concepts that allows him to do so. Thus we are truly controlled by the form of our hands, legs and minds.

One person’s choice affects another. A man has the ability to kill another man. The man killed is not in control of his life at this instant, he dies whether he wishes to or not. The killer is in control of the act that has lead to the other mans death but if he is to instantly regret his action he cannot bring the man back to life. Thus the effects of our choices on others are great but not absolute.


Thus it should be known that a man has the ability to only truly control his own thoughts and actions. His actions have the capability of changing another mans fate, although he has no absolute control of the consequences of his actions on others. While some consequences are changeable and controllable others are not. The environment and the form of a being effect their ability to choose and control their path, but it is humans who have the ability to forgo their intrinsic nature, a dog will always act like a dog but a human can be inhumane. Thus our race is the only one to truly have the freedom of choice. A double-edged sword that allows man to raise himself high, living a moral and dignified life, or to bury himself in evil and indignity.


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